Weight Loss Challenge

A Weight Loss Program Centered on Education through
Proper Nutrition and Exercise for a Healthful Lifestyle.

LifeLine Partners, Inc. offers its 12 week Weight Loss Challenge program to the general public and is available periodically at most LLP clinics throughout the year. For more info or to register, contact your nearest LifeLine Partners clinic.

Weight Loss Challenge Schedule:
Clinic: Phone: 12 Week Programs Starts On:
LifeLine Partners - Youngstown 330-759-9233 TBA
LifeLine Partners - Boardman 330-965-8335 TBA

WLC Success Stories

This program has given me so much confidence in myself that I know I can do whatever I set my mind to. Thanks to Shawn for being such a great coach and motivator. - Lisa

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Before After

My WLC experience was very fulfilling. The staff was great in their support, motivation and words of encouragement. Shawn made every week a learning experience for all of us. Personally, I give great thanks to him for all his help. After losing 29 and a half pounds in 12 weeks, I am ready for round 2 of the WLC. - Debbie

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Before After

This program was really great! The constant support from Shawn and everyone here is a huge help! I truly learned how to eat better and develop a good exercise "program". - Kelli

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I am very thankful for the wisdom and knowledge that I have gained and thankful of the pounds lost. This is just the beginning to a victorious end. Thanks to my husband for teaming up with me. Thanks to Shawn for directing, encouraging and educating me. - Pam

I learned a lot about how to discipline yourself to the way you eat. I also learned how important exercise is. Without this program, I would have never gotten onto the right track to make myself a healthier person, with exercise and eating healthy with correct portions. - Sandi